Nature blessed human beings with perfect vegetable like beet which have numerous benefits health. From anti aging effects to preventing dementia, beet is something that should always be on your dinner table.

Beet, a popular vegetable that has been the subject of recent studies, is extremely beneficial to the human body. This vegetable, originally from Syria and Egypt, is widely produced and consumed in Turkey. Research examining its content shows that beet is a source of vitamins all by itself. It has numerous benefits for your health in terms of protein, carbs, fiber and good fats. It also includes high amounts of folate, niacin, riboflavin, thiamine, vitamins A, C, E and K and sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, manganese and beta carotene.

Anti-aging potential

As a part of our eating habits, most of the time we get rid of the leaves of vegetables and just eat their roots. When the plant family is analyzed, it is seen that beet is part of the spinach family. Celery comes first in the list of vegetables we ignored making use of their leaves. Just a few years ago, only celery root was seen at markets. Now, however, society is aware of the benefits of its green leaves.

The situation is the same for beets. Nearly all of us just consume the root and throw away its leaves. However, studies show that the vitamin A, lutein and carotene are also found in the beet leaves as well as its roots.

Studies prove that antioxidants that fight wrinkles are found in beetroot. You can also consume beet and carrot juice together and protect your body from the harmful effects of UV rays. It is important not to cook beet for more than 15 minutes, otherwise the anti-oxidants in it may lose their effect.

Beets for heart health

Studies show that beets increase the flexibility of veins and make blood circulation easier. Thanks to this function of beet on the veins, it is consumed to fight life-threatening diseases like vessel stiffness and vascular occlusion. Beet’s effect on the fight with hypertension is known. Studies show that consuming a glass of beet juice every day helps to regulate blood pressure for the upcoming 24 hours.

Make use of beet in the fight against acne Scientists examining the effects of beet on the skin health and beauty showed that beet has a considerable effect on acne treatment. They think that it’s the anti-inflammatory effect of beet what plays an active role in the treatment. A glass of beet juice per day is enough to fight acne.

Use beet against hair loss and weakness

Beet is extremely rich in terms of potassium and Vitamin C. These substances are really effective in preserving and fortifying the unique integrity of your hair. The change in your hair, upon consuming a glass of beet juice per day, is incredible. Consumption of its juice will result in reddish urine. Do not panic as this definitely is not a symptom of a disease.

Beet as a hair dye

The harmful effects of hair dye contents are being revealed every day. You can prepare your own hair dye with beet, rather than using dyes with chemical content. The essential ingredient for this is henna. You can have a more energetic and long-lasting tone of red and brown by adding some beet juice to the henna you will apply to your hair. You can also feed your hair with numerous beneficial substance found in beet.

Benefits of beet in the fight against cancer Cancers come first on the list of the most dangerous diseases of the present age. It is important to keep in mind that you should not start to herbal support without seeing your doctor. It is important to get herbal support throughout the treatment, on the condition that your doctor gives permission.

Studies show that the substance called beta cyanine found in beet is considerably effective in the fight with cancer. It is the pigment that gives the reddish color to the vegetable. It plays a role in wiping out toxins, the remnants of cancer medicines, and hindering tumors’ growth. It is mostly effective on lung, stomach and skin cancers.

Consume beet juice Instead of energy drinks People fighting the fatigue of active city lives generally prefer to consume energy drinks. However, studies show that the energy taken from energy drinks is mostly coming from sugar. Yes, they energize the human body, but the sugar taken from energy drinks may lead to several life-threatening diseases like obesity and cardiac diseases. You have to take the energy you need via natural sources in this case. Beet juice is a perfect alternative to energy drinks. Consuming a glass of it, especially before exercise, will give you the energy your body needs.

Beet is an important food for diabetics

The alpha lipoic acid in beet plays an important role in decreasing glucose levels. It is also a kind of an insulin-sensitizing anti-oxidant. Studies show that this substance helps in preventing conditions like peripheral and autonomic neuropathy in diabetics.

Beet is beneficial to anemics

Phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, calcium, iodine, copper and Vitamins B1, B2, B6 and P are some of the numerous beneficial mineral and vitamin contents of beet. These substances are important agents used in the cure of anemia.

Consume beet to fight constipation

The answer to the question, “What is the best friend of your digestive system?” would definitely be fiber. Every extra bit of fiber that you add on to your diet list helps you to digest and defecate more easily. For this reason, you must consume fiber-rich food every day, and beet is one of them. It is important to consume the beet itself, not its juice, to be able to make use of the fiber it contains.

Beet juice and dementia

Consuming beet juice plays an important role in oxygenation, which is required for brain health. It is important for the healthy functioning of the brain. It is seen that consuming beet juice, especially among elders and adolescents, helps to decrease the potential of dementia.