Stress is a common problem that is difficult to cope with and affects nearly everyone. Our domestic life, traffic, business life – basically everything – is full of stress. Especially creating a balance in the job environments’ stress where we spent most of our days requires extra attention. Tips to Manage Excessive Stress

Some problems in business life can cause inner distress. This distress makes people depressed, thus, labor productivity seriously decreases.

Excessive stress not only affects people psychologically and physically but also can lead some chronic diseases. You can turn your bad work day into a normal one with only some simple strategies.

Here are some pieces of advice for you that can guide you in coping with stress more easily.

Meditation breaks

Meditation is a practice dating back to ancient times. It is used as a physical treatment along with its function in relaxing soul and mind today. It gives tranquility to the soul, especially when it is supported by music. Meditation cannot be practiced only in closed areas. It provides convenience for many people that these techniques can be sustained outdoors.

If you think you had a bad day at your office, a quick breath exercise can help you relax and return to your normal life. This meditation technique, which will take only five minutes, makes you feel better. Sit quietly in place, and straightening up, look down slowly with your eyes. Breathe in a deep and rhythmic way. Thus, you can quickly relax.

Get rid of negative thoughts

The best way to avoid stress is to get rid of negative thoughts,often by talking with your colleagues.

According to research, short conversations at your workplace can be beneficial for your emotional health. In another study that has been published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, it is stated that your conversations with your colleagues will help you decrease your heart rate and stress level.

Crying is good

Crying is the easiest way to calm down. Give up choking your tears back and cry without hesitation. Hormones that are secreted when you are crying help you calm down, even if you are not aware of it. Crying is important as much as smiling. Do not give it a second thought. Smile and let it go.

Chocolate is a cure

According to a study published in the Journal of Proteome Research, it was seen that those who eat a piece of chocolate every day at their office for two weeks are exposed to a much lower stress hormone levels. In another study, it was revealed that people who eat cacao every day for 30 days have 10 percent lower anxiety levels. These people also think they became calmer than they were in the beginning.

Have a break to email

A study at California University found that a short-term break to tend to emails about your work can decrease the stress level and help develop focus. You can decrease stress, closing your work phone on weekends and deactivating emails about your work in your personal phone.

Talk to your mother

In a moment of stress in your office, hearing the voice of your mom can relax you like it did when you were a child.

According to research, participants who talked with their mothers on the phone after completing their stressful tasks increased their level oxytocin, which is bonding hormone.

Laughter is the best medicine

Searches showed that laughter and smiling are extremely beneficial to vein health. When you laugh, cortisol, which is known as stress hormone, seriously decreases.

A decrease in stress and cortisol level regulates blood pressure and helps you boost the immune system. This makes you feel happier. Scientists state that stress doubles the risk of heart attack.

Be grateful

Instead of thinking about the problem that you confront in the office, try to think about good things and make yourself happy. Do not forget: Every day is a new life. Whenever you are hopeless, be grateful to think that you have a job. Try to continue much stronger, going into your job wholeheartedly.

Avoid more than one duty

According to the latest study that has been conducted by researchers at the University of Utah, it was observed that those who have more than one duty at the same time are less productive when compared to the people who focus on only one thing.

Everyone deserves a holiday

Researchers of Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin found that women who do not regularly go on a holiday are exposed to depression three times more than the ones who regularly do. In addition, it was seen in another study that working without any break can increase the risk of heart attack.

Secret benefits of stress

I also want to mention interesting information while talking about the ways to cope with stress in the office. Stress cannot be harmful every time like you might think. New studies show that you can use your tension to be strong, energetic and happy. Experts have warned about the dangers of stress for years. As we all know, stress increases the risk of many health problems, especially heart diseases, diabetes, depression and headaches. However, it was shown through research that stress actually makes people much stronger, faster and energetic. It was also determined that stress boosts the immune system. Fifteen minutes after a stressful incident, the body releases pathogen cells in the blood circulation and these cells spread out from the body to help a much stronger immune reaction. Your reaction to the fight against a cold or infection get stronger with short-term stress. Another benefit of stress to health is that it strengthens memory. While it is known that continuous stress causes Alzheimer’s, other information suggests that short-term stress triggers the power of thought and activates the memory. Surely, believing stress is beneficial does not change the reality of the situation that you are in. but understanding the wider view will lead to a more balanced approach to your health.

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