Caused by a number of reasons, back pain is a very common problem that affects people at some point in their lives. Its prevalence is also very high in Turkey but there are some basic ways to avoid it before the pain gets worse

Lower back pain is undoubtedly one of the most common ailments around. According to scientific studies, 90 percent of people over 50 years old and 50 percent of working people have had lower back pain once in their lives. The same studies have also indicated that 40 percent of the excuses for not going to work are due to low back pain complaints. These figures point to extremely high rates. In Turkey, lower back pain perhaps leads the way among the most common complaints. The most important reason for this is that many people do not get into the habit of taking good care of their bodies. It is always necessary to pay attention to our position when we bend and get up, when we carry loads and even when we sit.

If you suffer from lower back pain, there are some simple tests that you can carry out at home in order to understand the severity of your situation.

Simple suggestions

Lower back pain comes to the fore among the complaints that seriously lower your life quality. The waist is practically the center of movement.

Strengthen your abdominal muscles: This will make your back muscles more comfortable and the pressure on your spine will decrease. Try doing sit-ups or doing plank exercises for a few minutes as long as your back allows it.

Physical therapy: Strengthens your back muscles and increases the flexibility to turn your back into its former healthy stage. You need to get help from an expert that your doctor will recommend.

Stress increases lower back pain

Recent studies have shown that stress, which has become nearly a part of our daily lives, especially triggers lower back pain. People living under a lot of stress should practice some activities that will decrease it. Doing regular exercise may help reduce the effects of stress.

Herbal treatment

Camphor and menthol ointments: Camphor and menthol ointments activate the cold receptors and desensitize hot receptors, therefore reducing the pain.

Capsaicin: Capsaicin is the active component of chili peppers. The more bitter the pepper you eat, the higher level of capsaicin it contains. It is now very easy to access capsaicin-based pain relieving creams put out to the market by reliable brands. Apply this cream to the aching area and massage three times a day. It will burn a little at first, but if you do not have an allergic condition, do not worry about it.

Willow bark: Willow bark acts a lot like aspirin, but is much more effective than the aspirin in relieving pain. To relieve your back pain, you can use capsules prepared with willow bark extract.

Cinnamon-based ointments: Studies show that cinnamon has a painkiller effect. You can apply the cinnamon-based creams that you can easily find on the market to the aching region 3-4 times a day.

Muscat oil: Add 3 drops of muscat essential oil to 50 ml of olive oil. You can relieve your pain by applying this oil to aching areas three times a day.

Daily habits causing back pain

Although lower back pain varies from person to person in terms of severity, it generally has similar characteristics. The statistical studies indicate that lower back pain, called lumbago (severe pain in the waist), ranks fifth among the pain that leads going to the doctor. According to this statistic, almost 90 percent of adults have suffered from back pain once in their lives.

The spine system is tasked with four important formations (angulations) that shape our posture. Problems in our musculoskeletal system can cause low back pain since they can easily distort this angle balance. The habits that distort your posture in your daily life can lead to more severe conditions such as lower back pain and even disk displacement. These habits that you take for granted can cause serious and bigger problems over time. As the heel height of your shoes increases, the severity of the pressure applied to your feet increases. For example, 7-7.30 cm heels apply seven times more pressure to your waist than flat shoes. This ground pressure causes postural disorders by affecting the spinal cord over time. Statistics show that around 50 percent of people wearing high-heeled shoes have suffered from spinal damage in the following years. You bring back home a lot of materials in those huge bags that you carry around all day long without even using them. Studies have shown that carrying more than 10 percent of your weight on your shoulders causes postural disorder causing severe damage to the spine by disrupting the body balance.

Ways to Prevent Low Back Pain

– Adopt correct posture; your head is up, your shoulders are flat, your chest is ahead!
– Try to lose your extra weight.
– Take care not to drive more than two hours a day.
– Do not wear shoes with long heels or without heels. n Your shoes should have soft heels with normal height.
– Make sure your waist is in a steep position rather than in an oblique position while moving objects from one place to another.
– Make a practice of eating white cheese or a plate of yogurt or drinking a glass of semi-skimmed milk every day.
– Make enough use of sunshine.
– Try to load as little as possible in your children’s bags when they go to the school.